Join Our Community!

Hooked on axe throwing? Get the best bang for your buck and join a league! We are a proud member of the International Axe Throwing Federation, which champions safety, sportsmanship, and competition. Come for sharpening your skills at your new hobby, stay for the new axe family you’ll join. We encourage all to sign up, regardless of skill level! No one is ever “not good enough” to sign up for a league; league play is how you get better.

How Does It Work?

Unlike darts or bowling, axe throwing is an individual sport, so you’ll sign up individually. We adhere to IATF rules and guidelines for our sanctioned leagues. Registration is $130 for eight weeks, which covers about four regulation matches(15 throws each) for each of the first seven weeks and playoffs for the top 16 for week 8. You’ll show up on the same day and time every week for eight weeks for gameplay. You are permitted two absences and matches will be moved around, should those be utilized.

Axe Throwing League at Wicked Axe
What Days and Times are Leagues Offered?

We are currently offering four hatchet leagues (following IATF Standard gameplay) and one big axe league. Big axe league requires a full standard season to be played before participation. Colors are only used to identify different leagues.

  • Sunday Black – 1pm

  • Sunday Pink – 6pm 

  • Tuesday Green – 6:30pm

  • Tuesday Blue – 6:30pm (Big Axe)

  • Wednesday Red – 6:30pm

See our league calendar at the bottom of the page
(subject to change).

What Are the Perks of League?
  • New friends, both local and in the wider axe throwing community

  • Ability to use your own IATF-compliant axes in our venue (must be sheathed when not in use)

  • Ability to throw big axe

  • Personal stats tracked through

  • Free hour of practice before the league you sign up for (Sundays 12-1pm, Sundays 5-6pm, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm)

  • Access to league practice lane whenever Wicked Axe is open at a discounted rate

  • Early sign-ups for subsequent seasons  

  • Access to league-only events, such as clinics and tournaments(may include prizes…)

  • Chance to qualify for the International Axe Throwing Championship in Toronto

  • Ability to get acquainted with skill throws utilized in bigger competitions (1.5 spin, ambidextrous, etc.)

Wicked Axe League Throwing Schedule 2021