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What is axe throwing? How does it work?

Back in 2006, eight friends gathered to create an axe throwing league in the backyard of a Toronto apartment. One of the fastest growing sports on the continent, axe throwing is now an international sport with locations in several countries. With axe throwing being a sport of finesse, think of it as similar to bowling or darts, but with a 1.5 pound hatchet and a target 15’ away.

Grab some friends and reserve with us! 

The length of your reservation depends on how many are in your group:

Axe Throwing in Haverhill, MA at Wicked Axe
Axe Throwing in Haverhill, MA at Wicked Axe

Our Axe Coaches will go over safety protocols, teach your group how to throw and how gameplay works, and run games for your party. Groups of four or more will also participate in a bracket to see who gets the ultimate bragging rights!


With our owners being from an emergency medical background, safety is our #1 priority. We go the extra mile to ensure our safe sport stays safe. To reduce bounce-backs, our axe handles are made of wood instead of composite material, and our mats are non-elastic with OSB below them. Guests must listen to a quick two-minute safety speech by the coach before entering the bay, where only two throwers are permitted at the same time.


If a guest is deemed a hazard by not listening to our coaches, being too intoxicated, or not following safety protocols described by our staff, they will not be permitted to throw and may be asked to leave.

Closed-toe shoes are required for axe throwing.

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