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Wicked Axe Axe Throwing Haverhill, MA


Throwing in the league practice lane is a really great benefit to participating in axe throwing leagues at Wicked Axe. It is also a privilege and not a right. This procedure is to be followed any time the league practice lane is used, including after your league night is over.

The practice lane is open to anybody who can provide proof of IATF league history, such as an AxeScores profile. It is open when Wicked Axe is open, with the exception of certain events noted in advance.

Please sign in and provide a credit card or ID to the bartender. If you are unsure where the sign-in sheet is, please ask the bartender. Sign out when you are done throwing for the near future, meaning you are done with participating in the rotation of the practice lane.

You are charged based off of the times on the sign-in sheet. If you are currently enrolled in a Wicked Axe league, you will be charged $5 a half hour, starting with a single axe being thrown ($5 being the minimum). If you are not currently enrolled in a Wicked Axe league but can provide proof of IATF league history, you will be charged $15 an hour. The rate will not vary based on how many axes you throw, or how many people are signed in at one time. It is your responsibility to make sure you are getting the most out of time you are signed in for to use the practice lane.

Please also be respectful to your fellow league members if you see people who would like to throw and if you have been there for a while. Also, please keep the fifteen throws and out rotation in mind.

Not signing in, arguing what you are charged by staff or giving staff a hard time, and not paying are each a strike in a three-strike system.

First strike – one week suspension from the practice lane
Second strike – three week suspension from the practice lane
Third strike – permanent revocation of practice lane privileges

Thank you for your compliance.

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